Female urethra torture

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Female urethra torture

‘Foul harlot,’ the General barked, then looked up at his superior. On her belly, on her side, on her back. But she was too tired and they were too strong and determined. female urethra torture . Seemingly satisfied for the moment, the demon standing left her hand and took up a set of material similar to barbed wire. ’ Wondergirl clenched her fist on the wall so hard than pieces of rock cracked off and fell to the floor. Then while the others watched, he has started torturing her. Just get on with it, scum, she thought, while her fingers twitched a little behind her back, her breasts staining against the bustier as she leaned over. Sitting now locked to the metal chair, Barbara remembered the feeling of helplessness the Joker had instilled in her, but she pushed it aside. ‘This tastes good!’ he said and turned to his evil companion working the vice.

. She wished she had seen Barbara one more time, could make sure she was safe. But Cassandra’s refusal to submit despite the burns and the knives torturing her, despite the anguish of seeing her lover mutilated, she wouldn’t give up. The woman moaned, a deep, lovely sound to the two men, her tit stretching as it was hauled and twisted about the point of capture. Later there would be time to fall a.

Keeping his eyes on the lovely figure before him, he stood up again and backed over to the door. That we grant you one final piece of “decent” sex before you crush that pretty female urethra torture pussy of yours!’ He leered as his cock began pushing against her nether lips. The demoness smiled wider. ’ He flexed his fingers.

‘Enough,’ came Savage’s voice, female urethra torture female urethra torture and the woman stood up and used a finger to gently wipe the shining fluid from about her mouth. She ground her teeth as he tugged at the fastening of her old style armour, just enough to completely remove the chest piece.

Lying between the flat lower face of both these steel shafts and the paved floor was a woman. Both sadists watched intently, mesmerised by her flesh being abused and more by the sound of her pain as she struggled to resist. *** Barbara shook her head in muted denial as she saw it, too. ’ Beneath his female urethra torture mask, the Doctor smiled. The giant licked his lips repeatedly, his cock growing in frightening proportions while watching the otherworld princess suffering. ‘Good day, Miss Gordon,’ said a voice. Her tiara, real and not Savage’s fake this time, rested askew and did female female urethra torture urethra torture not fully confine her black hair.

The Sangtee faces were masks of hatred female urethra torture as they watched the women ignoring their rightful suffering. ’ The Doctor shrugged, then brought up a hypo and jabbed it into Dinah’s arm. At his side another figure was clad in a loose purple cloak. ‘But don’t worry; Frau Liebling here will make sure you don’t feel neglected. The Doctor swung again, aiming for the same spot - THWACK! Moon watched female urethra torture her tit receiving the third blow, the girl female urethra torture of power twisting but not letting go of the steel above her. She snarled and spat like a trapped lioness, glaring up him fro the corner of her bright blue eye. ‘You failed to capture me when Artemis intervened on my behalf.

She wanted Cassandra to save herself, end the agony. She had a right for the pain to stop, didn’t she? She had been brave, stupidly brave, and every of her body was in pain and her breasts were just things of agony stamped onto her body. "Effective, aren’t they?” grunted the Sangtee warrior. female urethra torture Amazon nostrils flared as she fought to get air into her lungs. The torturer grunted and pulled at the tit. . They could easily have lifted and carried her, but seemed to enjoy the act of hauling her naked form over the uneven stonework. ‘OOHHHHHHH,’ she moaned, feeling the metal points driving into her flesh like a hundred evil nails. There was a mechanical clattering, and the stocks around the blonde prisoner’s neck fell away, freeing her arms as well. ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PLEASE PLEASE female urethra torture PLEASE LET ME DOWN!’ The Doctor let her see the whip as she wept hopelessly. The demon operating the vile instrument giggled in vicious glee while tears ran down her face and she twisted fitfully, thrashing silently and almost accomplishing the bloody deed herself.

Even with her body torn, battered and bloodied, Artemis fought hard. ’ The blond grabbed at his boot, but his strength mad hers insignificant. Small bands of mercenaries had crept from the surf and lain in wait for the patrols to pass, then all around the island they struck synchronously. ‘AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!’ ‘You want us to stop, cunt?’ the leader snapped at Cassandra. That’s it, Barbara, keep your mind occupied on the problem. try. 'Why, with this sort of immunity to physical damage, this experiment could last indefinitely. The degradation – the days and days of pain when she could do nothing to save herself! ‘And now its happening again and you cant stop it. He doubted any soldier of his command could have shown greater courage, and the knowledge female urethra torture stabbed at him like a knife. Desperately she tried to use her fists against the man as they were clamped to her sides.

Only Savage was real – only Savage and the pain. SWACK SWACK! Shreds of smooth skin were flayed from the captive’s tight ass. Moon saw the understanding in her eyes and nodded. left a bit. female urethra torture . ‘I’ve been female urethra torture doing this a long time, Canary, since before you could fill out those cute little fishnets. female urethra torture The whip was hitting her again, so that blood reddened spilled from rents in her skin and stained her lovely suspended body. Her armour had been returned to her, and the combination of the purple ray and the solar energy pumped into her had healed her wounds.

It bubbled like molten rock, seeking any sign of weakness that would allow it to be released. The warrior maintained female urethra torture her composure and looked in disdain at the two figures. Spikes on the wire cutting the skin with the merest touch, and he tied the wire in place and began to adjust a winch on one end, the razors tightening over her bicep. His ner shrugged. and each female urethra torture female urethra torture time, Dinah wondered if this was the blow that would destroy her breast for the rest of her life.

female urethra torture ‘Don’t. Diana knew that she had been the demon lords’ general and one of his many concubines, a post that Artemis herself had also occupied during her tenure in the Underworld.

‘JJJJJJJJJJJJJJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!’ Zinda of the Blackhawks howled as his sperm gushed into her pussy, driving by superhuman force with the power of a pressurized hose. Like Barda, too, she was muscular, but while the New Goddess radiated a sense female urethra torture of focussed, disciplined danger this woman seemed like a bear on a leash. . Another opening appeared in front of them, and as Donna and the Canary watched they stepped through. Barda remained impassive. ‘Hmm, lets see,’ Dinah replied, with as much sarcasm as she could muster. Tears spilled like fountains from her eyes. ‘Now my dear,’ he snickered. She felt like her breasts where crushed by steel claws, and then he lifted her up by her tits.

He pushed the torch forward so that the fire gushed between the twin hills of pleasure. Helena was feeling both women’s terror hammering at her even as her pink tit bud throbbed wildly, phantom pain starting to rise at the crest of her mammary. Diana’s own body was shivering with the pain being inflicted upon it, and she knew that only the terrible stimulation of the neural jolts had prevented Tasha and her daughter from lapsing into shock or unconsciousness. You may…hurt me,’ she said, pausing for less than a heartbeat at the words, ‘but you will…never. female urethra torture ‘I was going to tell him. Boots at their throats, choking them, the men had kicked their captives brutally, female urethra torture female urethra torture with all the contempt of males who had overcome superior power and skill held by females. ’ ‘Bar…becue?’ she managed to whisper with a residue of venom in her voice.

and just a little farther, still.

Bent forward her breasts hung down into her Sangtee’s upraised palms, and he pushed up, pillowing them against her chest as the fleshy female attributes bulged between his clawing fingers. ‘Do you know one of my all time favourite movie lines Dinah?’ the slender freak asked, as she sobbed pathetically, hating herself more than either of them. Some that she thought she should have.

She wondered bitterly how Cassandra had endured on that occasion, what foul barbarities she had been subjected to at the hands of the conquering female urethra torture Greeks, her immortal existence on Paradise Island meaning she had to suffer female urethra torture the same awful fate again now, thousands of years later. Sangtee biotechnology basically allowed them to deposit seed within a female victim which would develop into Sangtee young. She knew exactly how creative they could be. She felt the blood again, this time warm and sticky as it ran over her female urethra torture inverted tits. Dinah was outwardly calm, female urethra torture but female urethra torture inside her guts were churning. FILTHY VERMIN. uhn uhn uhn…’ The men watching could see her naked form beginning to shine under the lights as she perspired like a track runner. ‘You will be tortured. Bathed in her own sweet female urethra torture juice she was no more than a electric sex doll which thrashed and gurgled for breath. Her proud female urethra torture breasts pounded and throbbed and burned with pain from which she could not escape.

’ The men laughed and hit her again, making her jerk forward in her crouch, Her breast came into contact female urethra torture with the flame and she gasped as the heat burned her soft skin. Interlude Oracle sat working through the millions of lines of code protecting the Amazons’ computer network, easily the most sophisticated system she had encountered that was native to planet Earth. .

’ She opened one eye to Look up at him. She touched the girl’s legs, squeezing just hard enough to induce the girl to drag her head around to face her. ‘Why Wonder Woman, you wouldn’t be lying to me, would you?’ ‘That would be wrong,’ the female urethra torture captive replied, totally deadpan. People who stopped thinking usually died. She could not believe it- her womanhood instantly igniting with anguish. ’ Again with the we, Barbara thought, female urethra torture but she had little chance to follow up on that observation. Slade kept twisting, showing no visible effort as he made the lines push deeper into the resisting firmness, the heroine’s nipples starting to throb as they were pushed out and out. With female urethra torture the metal cocks still moving their hips as they pumped into their victims, Helena too let her head fall forward and the black emptiness carry her away from her suffering. female urethra torture Wasting no time, Savage lowered his head over Diana’s pussy and let his tongue caress her clitoris.

’ The girls moan was loud even through the gag, and her eyes went wide. ‘Or at least yelp,’ laughed another. Dinah cried out in anguish as she had to endure the same torture again. The Amazon princess Diana continued to lick and suck at the pussy of the teenage female urethra torture Russian dance girl, smearing her lips and face with the slick juices of the girls arousal.


Koriand’r was gathering her strength and resolve as she hung panting, but instantly her eyes grew wide as she felt the air cut off from her lungs. ‘But the rest of me is warm. Sweat broke out on her forehead and began matting her glorious, midnight mane.